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September 30 news

September 11 news

New : IndoMap
Location + Indopics from fans around the world.
Use hashtags (mentioned inside the map) in order to meet fans around you, via social networks.

> How to be part of it ?

> Interactive map
> I&U photos album on Facebook

September 6 news


Fans around the world, tell us more about yourselves !

S​end us some of the following elements with a message + ​# from your location (#IndofansLondon​​…) :
- Indoselfies from famous places,
- Pics (Indoclothes, Indotattoos, past or upcoming Indomeetings…)
- Indocoversongs (english, spanish etc, via YouTube link)
… or any other Indostuffs of your choice :)

> Send us your messages whether or Twitter (@indochinetwitt + pic + # as mentioned above).

Selected elements will be regularly posted on our Facebook account (Indo&U album).
Thank you all ! <3

> IndoMap

September 6 news

Une vidéo publiée par @nicolasirkis le 6 Sept. 2015 à 3h06 PDT

Une vidéo publiée par @nicolasirkis le 3 Sept. 2015 à 16h08 PDT

Indochine Records


Vinyls reissues of 7000 Danses, Le Baiser and Un Jour Dans Notre Vie (new mastering + original vinyl sleeve)
are available from today, on + stores.

> Vinyls ed. of L’AventurierLe Péril Jaune and 3 are also available.

> 3 more vinyls reissues will follow on this fall : WaxDancetaria and Paradize.
More news to come.