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August 20, 2007 news

Alice & June tour, it’s over.

I’m sad now, we’re all after more than 2 years with you.

We’re going on, because of you. The most beautiful tour is over now… but we are so proud to have such a public, to perform with Oli, Boris, Shoes, Mr Eliard and Matu, to work with Alain Picon, Benji, Jok, Didier, Emilie… lights, sounds, JP and others, Peggy’s images… All theses emotions, moments shared with you… I’m sure we’ll share it together again, the contrary is just impossible. For the moment we’re on the last details of the A&J DVD, we’re so happy this tour will be on video forever.

At the end of november, maybe some surprises will be announced here…

Respect, love and sexy days,


Video (Colmar)

August 18, 2007 news

Tonight, 11 000 people were at the Foire aux Vins festival (Colmar)

August 17, 2007 news

Tonight, 7 000 people were at the Rock Oz’Arènes festival (Avenches)