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July 29, 2006 news

Dear all,

Thank you for these splendid december, march, Hanoi, Montreal and summer shows… You’re so a fantastic public. We’re all happy but also exhausted by the 12 intense last months. We’re off for the two next weeks. Autumn will be huge, with the Adora video, and the tour, Bercy, Lyon, Forest… then the Hanoi movie (the first images on which we are working on are just incredible). Enjoy your summer holidays, thank you again, the adventure goes on…. Kisses.


We love to stay. We love to stay.

July 27, 2006 news

New shows added (2007) : Angoulême (march 31) and Rouen (april 10). Indochine’s 2006 autumn tour opening bands are : Asyl, AqME, Berline, El Presidente, Oxygen, Plastiscines and Pravda. The Adora collector single will be available on september : Adora (edit)9.9.9. (exclusive track) and two remixes.


The Adora videoclip is almost done, it will be on TV from middle august.
Here is a sample

July 25, 2006 news

On july 23, Indochine performed at the Paléo Festival, ending its series of five july’s festivals. Thank you all. We wish to thank the Paléo organizers and volunteers, + the Bobital, Liège, Lyon, La Rochelle and Nyon’s audience. The adventure goes on, See you in Colmar on august 20.

The Adora’s videoclip is almost done, exclusive news to come soon.

July 20, 2006 news

Thank you Lyon ! What an audience ! On july 16, AqME joined Indo on stage for Aujourd’hui Je Pleure.

Thank you La Rochelle – in spite of the heat – you were awesome !

On july 18, Asyl joined Indo on stage for Teenage Kicks and Rebel Rebel.

The Indo Reporters will continue for the october tour.

Ségolène Royal came to the concert and also spoke with Nicola…

July 14, 2006 news

We wish to thank the 40.000 incredible ones in Bobital and the 10.000 incredible ones in Liege. Long life to the Ardentes.

The MySpace page is created. We wish good luck to Fabien, thank you.