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September 30 news

Today, beginning of the rehearsals for the Black City Tour 2
+ interview with Nikos Aliagas. More news to come soon…

September 30 news

Black City Tour 2 : Indochine welcomes as first-part bands:

Klink Clock (Amnéville, Amiens, Rouen 1, Caen, Nantes, Brussels, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Pau,
Limoges, Orléans, Angers, Nice, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Epernay, Geneva 1 + 2, Saint-Etienne and Strasbourg 2).
Air Bag One (Rouen 2, Lyon 1 and Lille 1).
Manu (Lyon 2).
The Buns (Montpellier, Dijon, Lille 2 and Strasbourg 1).


September 25 news

Black City Tour 2, concerning sold-out shows: in order to fight the black market, new tickets will be on sale. On friday, september 27th, new tickets will be sold for Toulouse (nov. 12), Bordeaux (nov. 16) and Limoges (nov. 19).

September 20 news

Black City Tour 2: Toulouse sold-out.

September 18 news

Replay, Nicola’s interview,
La Nouvelle Edition, Canal+ (sept. 18)

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