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July 17 news

One week ago, Indochine joined Tidal and uncovered the song Mao Boy (#BlackCityConcerts / Stade De France) as exclusive video on the platform.

From today, you can watch an another exclusive video on Tidal, Black City Parade (#BlackCityConcerts at the Stade de France) + Indochine’s playlist.

For the fans : three-month trial are offered on Tidal by following this link.

Message from Nicola


July 13 news

Preview : Mao Boy – Stade De France
Tidal exclusive : full song performance. More

#BlackCityConcerts – Stade De France : live available on december 4. More

Stade de France – Black City Concert

- Important -

Friday december 4, 2015,
release of the #BlackCityConcerts

Full show, recorded on 27 + 28, june 2014 at the Stade de France
(HD + 5.1)

Double DVD / double CD / Blu-Ray / Collector box / 4LP Vinyls & Digital.

New montage + bonus + never seen footages on the 6 months of preparation of the 2 shows.